Friday, September 12, 2014

Elijah: 2 years old

"Do you remember when we first met?
I sure do
It was some time
In early September
You were lazy about it
You made me wait around
I was so crazy about you
I didn't mind"

Every time this song comes on your CD player, I get a little sentimental thinking about your birth.  I was so excited for you to come meet your brother, but then I really fell for you not just in the little brother role, but as a unique and wonderful separate being than your brother.  You two have been similar in ways, yet so different and I just love watching you develop.  Two is almost a sad birthday for me, as it means you're totally done being a baby and ready to move on to potty-training, resisting the high chair, moving out of the crib, talking, and starting to have activities without mama.  But, I know it will be a fascinating year to watch you discover so many things and I appreciate the chance to watch you grow up.

About You:  I always say you're my "little one," but you're about average for height and weight (check-up Monday, we'll see if their scales agree).  You wear 18-24/2T clothes, and size 6 shoes.  Your hair is BLONDE!  I always liked pairing up with a blonde and brunette pair of friends/sisters growing up so we'd have the redhead, brunette, blonde trio, and now I have that all the time between your brother and you.  I do wonder how long it will last though until your hair darkens. 

Words/Communication:  Though your serious, stern, excited, how-could-you?, obedient, naughty, and excited faces communicate your world of emotions, you are still not one to chatter away yet.  It cracks me up when I run through lists of emotions and you will make the faces on demand-I'm afraid you could be an actor.  You do say mama, dada, uh-oh, hiya, and bye-bye (and more, as of yesterday); can moo, baaa, hiss (cat/snake), choo-choo, boo-boo, and vroom-vroom with the best of 'em; and will sign more, all done, please, beep-beep, milk (with an accompanied moo), up, I Love You, and open.  You just started some speech therapy, and surprisingly warmed up to the nice lady, so hopefully she can pry some words out of you.

Music:  Music is such a huge part of your daily life.  You love to turn the CD player on (and up) anytime you're in your room.  It normally has the Jack Johnson CD that never gets old for you.  You recently have started singing lalalalalas with me, and it is so sweet.  You will dance around to your own songs or even others that kids sing.  Ring-a-round-the-rosie is your all time favorite (perhaps because it combines running in circles with music?).  You can be found walking around the house playing a harmonica or in playrooms shaking bells.

Little Shadow:  You and your brother are finally at the age where you're interacting a lot more-which has meant lots of slapping each other (mostly you), tackling (mostly brother), and general bickering between you and he.  You have a tendency to knock over train trestles, bring down elaborate pillow buildings, and mess up the general orderliness of Theo's play and it drives him a bit crazy.  But you love to play tag with each other, bathe and giggle together, eat snacks together, and listen to stories together.

You are still mama's little shadow as well too, in terms of wanting to put on deodorant and make-up, cleaning up after ourselves, going to the bathroom (pretend, unfortunately) walking the dog, and always wanting to help out in the kitchen.  You are typically glued to me anytime we got out around other adults, but will venture away from me and play on your own at the playground.  You're not so scared of other kids (though you seem to be a magnet for getting pinched/bit/smacked) but will shy away anytime an adult talks to you.  You will be separating from mama this week for a MOPS meeting, and I'm very worried about you crying the whole time.

You'll shadow dada as much as you can too: helping him with grinding the coffee, shaving your face, and working out in the garden.

Books:  Your attention span for books is increasing daily. You still love both Little Blue Truck books, and new favorites include Otis and Kitten's First Full Moon.  You are doing a better job of sitting through pages with more than a few words on them, and of course you love turning the pages yourself when it's time.  After story time, you always help turn off the light and turn on your music. 

Other Fun Facts:  Your favorite chore is carrying the poop bag when we walk the dog (you insist upon it).  You are very helpful in bringing things to us when we ask.  You LOVE icing and ice cream (compared to other desserts, which you love all of).  You can climb any feature on the playground.   You say uh-oh anytime I get a notification on my phone/computer.  Babies are your favorite.  You don't like french fries (oddly).  You are extraordinarily persistent.  You are very empathetic.  Brushing your teeth is your favorite pastime. 

21.5 months

22 months
22.5 months

23 months

23.5 months

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Shannon E said...

So, apparently you are kinda little. Your brother weighed the same as you when he was 9 months (but 50th percentile for you)!!! But your percentile for height is about the 11th percentile. I'm starting to worry you got the short gene from my side. I've found some awfully short men in our genealogy.