Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blenders Amaze Me

So, Rachel Ray inspired me to try another fall soup recipe this year. This one called for the ingredients to be blended with an immersion blender in the final step. I have never used one, but really wanted an excuse to buy one, so when my mom sent me a Target birthday card for the exact amount of an immersion blender I wanted, I finally had an excuse Brian couldn't argue with. (He thinks I get too many kitchen gadgets that our tiny kitchen can't handle and I never use. I say we can deal with it.)

I picked out this immersion blender while I was down in Dover for a training earlier this week, and hunted down the vegetables I would need to slice and dice for the soup Tuesday and Wednesday. Technically, I never did find celery root. My encyclopedic husband tried to tell me that celery root was just a fancy name for celery. I however, have discovered that it is a different ingredient altogether.

On Wednesday night I commenced making the soup-remembering why I made Brian cut up the butternut squash last year (it is impossible!). By the time my husband got home (soaking wet from the rain), the soup was just about ready to be completed. I was too skittish to actually try my new gadget, so I let Brian do the honors. He had a lot of fun with it. Luckily, I picked out a really good one, that was pretty powerful. And we had a pretty good, healthy soup, full of nutrients, blended to perfection.

Following that episode, I decided I should actually use our full size blender as well. We got this awesome one from Brian's Aunt Linda for our wedding, and it hasn't got to see much counter space. On Friday morning I made a strawberry/orange smoothie that Brian said tasted like Jamba Juice (which is just what I was going for-I wish we still had these in DE). It amazes me how the blender can combine all the ingredients so quickly with just the turn of the switch.

Now I'm looking for more recipes so I can keep blending...

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