Thursday, November 3, 2016

Something Odd Was Happening on 10.31.16

I love posting our Halloween photos here each year.  They are by far my most pinned posts and I love getting to share our ideas with others.  

This year, we thought we had our Halloween costume ideas in order earlier in October, and then, we went to an Odd Squad Live show at a theater nearby recently.  The kids loved it.  And I loved hearing a theater full of kids whispering math problems excitedly.  But, I didn't love the prices of the souvenirs.  After we walked out with $20 worth of badges attached to the older two, and them still wanting the shirts that would make them look like Odd Squad Agents, my cheapskate side quipped that I could make them whole nice outfits for the price of the shirts.  And with that statement, their costumes for the year were born.

A quick trip to the thrift store and asking around to borrow things yielded blue jackets, red ties, and white button-up shirts.  Elijah already had red shoes.  And I learned what "Chuck Taylors" are when Brian said Theo really needed those for his outfit (plus they should be good motivation for him to learn to tie).

Realizing that we already had a black stroller and shirt that said "genius", Thomas's outfit came together instantly.  He was Baby Genius.

While very few adults knew who they were (most guessed detectives, policemen, or Trump), when fellow devotees of Odd Squad recognized them they got plenty of admiration.  And I gotta say it made my "teacher side" pretty happy.

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